Tirrenical Popular Universities
of Natural Sciences

The U.P.T.S.N. (Popular Tirrenic University of Natural Sciences)

In Latina, 70 km far from Rome and no more than 5 km from Tirreno sea, is really easy to find lot of reserchers, studious and semple naturalists, above all in the fields of malacology, marine biology and ornithology.
Everybody was helped in their studies by the nearness with one of the historical italian natural parks, the Natural Park of Circeo, and by the existence of many protected oasis, areas and uninjured natural sites.
In spite of marine disciplines, the Tirreno sea area is reach again and upright enough.
And in spite of malacology we have spot areas like, above all, Circeo and Astura Tower capes, that are probabily among the most important specific sites of Italy.
But, at the same time, in Latina didn’t exist neither an University for the natural sciences either a research center. So that all this studious and reserchers operate like “easy dogs” without any possibility of interactions and cultural exchanges.
So that, some of them, decided to found an Istitution that colud be a refer point and give, at the same time, a concrete horizon for their researches and studies in the field of Natural Siences, situated in the city of Latina.
So they founded the Popular Tirrenic University of the Natural Sciences (U.P.T.S.N.).
The main intent of U.P.T.S.N. is then the cultural diffusion about the problems of natural and marine field and, for this reason, we consider peculiar the teaching in the schools of every grading and their involving in every our project. We are sure that the quality of future life, is strectly connected with the ecological conscience that students are forming now, or better that the operator of this field (like us), will be able to form in them today.
So our educational plans were born: for instance “Blueschool” in 2001 and “Jems in the hall” in 2003, 2005 and 2006: these events were inside larger projects named “Jems in the Blue II”, “Jems in the Blue III ” and "Gems in the Blue IV", involved respectly 1800, 2400 and 2000 students, with frontal lessons based on multimedial showing and the final visit at the shells show.
But U.P.T.S.N. isn’t only instruction ‘cause one important aspect of the activities is given by research on field. Among them I wanna note, but only because they are recent, our research campaign in regard of the malacofauna and benthofauna, along the coasts of Albania in 2002 and in Greecian Zakinthos island during the summer of 2003.
Moreover, U.P.T.S.N. propose diffrent courses referred to the adult popolation of the city of Latina, starting from the easy courses based on the concept of “longlife learnig” and arriving to special courses in different materias, expecially in the field of natural science.
And, at least, in the view of the sensibilization of the population about problems of the natural world, U.P.T.S.N. is always present in the main activites organized by the local Istitution, including the ones in the squares of Latina were the citizenship is involved. At least, U.P.T.S.N. realize and present congress and cultural events, like, for instance, presentation of books for important writers, and every other can help the cultural and social grought of popolation.