Popular Universities

Italian Popular Universities

First italian Popular Universities were organized in the last year of the past century. At that age, the economical discomfort made impossible, to the main part of the population, the acces to elementary knowledges. School was for few people, Universities more again. Popular Universities began to engage themselves, not only for the instruction of citizens of every age and social condition, but even involving great culture men that wished to offer part of their time and knowledge in this enterprise really fascinating and, for the times, “unconformist”.
We want remember, among the others, some of the most important italian culture men that teached in the Popular Universities: Giovanni Bovio, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Benedetto Croce, Ludovico Mortara, Roberto Ardigò, Giocchino Volpe, Luigi Einaudi, Gaetano Salvemini, Francesco Pullè and many others. After the second world war, we had a new renaissance of this Culture Institutes. In 1982, Prof. O. Ferulano, founded, in Sorrento, the National Confederation of Italian Popular Universities, the C.N.U.P.I. The true engine of that enterprise were, exactly, that ancient Popular Universities, direct heir of that past so reach of experiences and story, but even so strong to projet themselves to the future. After less than ten years, in 1991, the Italian Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research (MIUR), with an apposite legal decree published on the Italian Official Law Collection n° 203, 30/08/91, recognized the C.N.U.P.I. like a perfect Legal Subject, closing a process that recognized the actuality and the future potential of a didactic way consecrated from a story more then secular.

The C.N.U.P.I. (National Italian Confederation of Popular Universities) and its purposes

Among the statutory, but at first historical, purposes of the Popular Universities belonging to the C.N.U.P.I., we wish to remember:
- to offer to the citizens of every age and social conditions, a true service of cultural growth, developing courses in relation of different arguments.
- to control the learning of the worker citizens (the long-life learning concept).
- to develop the formation and the special knowledge of the one that has to introduce themselves in the world of working.
All this is, today, really difficult.
True complexity show, in national and europeistic implications: the legal ambient considered, the connection with local Departments, Universities, and Culture Institutes; the legal fiscal laws for this kind of Institutes; the long-life learning. C.N.U.P.I. offers to its Universities technical supporting in regard of the relations with the Ministry, the regional laws, the territory, everything to the service for the citizen. C.N.U.P.I offer his aid to the Popular Universities of new foundation.
C.N.U.P.I defends the diction “Popular University” in regard to the ones that intend to use a name that doesn’t belong to his culture and history.

Popular Universities and Europe

In regard of Permanent Education of citizens and Long-life Learnig, Italy is quickly levelling his legislation to the European outline. So we have new important prospects for the job of the Italian Popular Universities. Our Confederation is integral part of European Association of Education of the Adults that, in turn, works with Unesco and European Parlament to stimulate, direct and realize the appropriate cultural politic.
So, a Popular University belonged to the C.N.U.P.I. can suddenly gives an international and europeistic direction to its activities and projects.

Popular Universities and Research

The enclosing of C.N.U.P.I. in the National Register of Research Institute with its own number of research (41790YCU) makes possible, for a confederate University, the realization of a perfect union between didactic and research dimension. The legal opportunities and the possibility to help the research progress in different fields are numerous and C.N.U.P.I. is glad to help the job of its confederated for these purposes.

Popular Universities like net of national resources

In the sphere of our Confederation, didactic, operative and programmatic resources of an University, are available for every other branch. This make possible, for an University, to grow quickly, starting from a fixed point were the other branches have realized experiences and maturation.
The Scientific Committee of C.N.U.P.I., formed by academic, orients and aids the specialized programs of every confederate University.
C.N.U.P.I. is also member of Italian Association of Education of Adults