U.P.T.S.N. - General references

The U.P.T.S.N. (Popular Tirrenical University of Natural Sciences)

The Popular Tirrenic University of Natural Sciences is a no profit Cultural Association, operating in the town of Latina, with the main purposes of:
a) to divulge the basic themes of the natural sciences
b) to realize professional and cultural curses in relation of these themes
c) the scientific research in the field of natural sciences.

The U.P.T.S.N. belong to the National Confederation of Italian Popular Universities, that collect almost 50 Italian Popular Universities making possible, in this way, the safeguard of an inestimable historical cultural heritage. U.P.T.S.N. is recognized, like legal subject, from Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research (M.I.U.R.), and it has an own research registered number.
U.P.T.S.N. is authorized subject for cultural permanent education of Adults (EDA).
It is powered, for the laws, to:
a) cultural formation of teaching corps of the school for the D.M. 177/2000
b) long-life learning for medical personnel of Sanity Ministry
c) for an agreement with FOR.COM. masters and academic courses and degrees
d) for an agreement with ICON, academic degrees for Italians and foreigner in Italy
e) for an agreement with “Thesis an Automation”, Microsoft courses for computer professions

U.P.T.S.N. possess today:
a) a shell property of almost 200.000 specimens from all over the world
b) a book, librarian, photographic property of scientific interest
c) a material property like, for instance, explanatory benches, illumination plants, manufactered goods etc ...

The U.P.T.S.N. has relationships with the most important public and private Associations in the field of the natural sciences in Italy and in the entire World. U.P.T.S.N. has relationship with National Kanud Instute of diving of Albania and with the important malcological magazine "The Shell" of Rome.