U.P.T.S.N. - future plans

Future projects

The future activities of U.P.T.S.N. will be realized, like the past and the present ones, for the satisfaction of the request that the population of the town of Latina suggests about the ambient and marine world.
Must be considered central, for U.P.T.S.N., the didactic treatment of these themes, looking to the involvement of the new generations consciousness, absolutely necessary in function of the future political management of our societies. In regard of the future activities, programmed for 2007 year, could be indicated:

• Research on malacos and benthos fauna of marine areas along the coasts of Lazio region.
• Realization of courses to the entire population, adult and young (EDA)
• Realization of the project “Sea under and up” for the involvement of the schools of Latina town, with frontal lessons and marine excursions.
• Realization of the 5th edition of the shell an marine show “Gems in the Blue” with a strong extension to the themes of natural earthly sciences.
• Organization of International Contest of Natural Photography

But the true project of U.P.T.S.N. is, however, the realization of the Museum of Natural Sciences, with an University faculty, always central intention in a territory reach of natural and tourist resources that requires a strong cultural formation on these themes. U.P.T.S.N. works to the project with the partnership of local and regional Public Institutions but looking to a real turning-point, even with the involvement of private sector, probably decisive, in an objective stasis phase for the difficulties founded by the Institution, in the research of the necessary budget for the realization of the project.