Gems in the School

U.P.T.S.N. - The Didactic

One of the most important purposes of Popular Tirrenic University of Natural Sciences is, of course, the teaching at every level and in every kind of school. In every its project, U.P.T.S.N. try to insert and involve, in material and constructive way too, the students of the Province of Latina. Particularly, the attention is directed to the students that, for the actual laws in Italy, have to make a difficult and important choice for their scholastic career. So, mainly, students of the last years of primary and secondary school.

Moreover, I'm sure that the quality of our future life, and when I say future I mean no more than the next 20 or 30 years, is strictly connected to the ecological and ambiental conscience that the new generations are forming now, or better, that we, operators of this sector, are today able to "form in them".

From here the motivation at the base of the didactic project, realized on october 2004 from U.P.T.S.N., named " Gems at school ". It represented an unique didactic project for the town of Latina, with the main purpose to involve the students to the ambiental and naturalistic themes. Lecturers of U.P.T.S.N. realized frontal lessons in 25 schools of the province of Latina using multimedia material and involving more than 2.400 student of every degree, in a temporal arch of 6 months.

So with particular satisfaction, I can say today that I've been in the condition to involve, like Responsable Director of the didactics projects, many thousand of students in different events organized by U.P.T.S.N. along the years, inserting them inside the themes of nature and sea. And if only one of them will decide to made of these arguments the future reason of its work and life, well, I'll can say I've achieve one of the higest purposes tha an Institute of Instruction can pursue.